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Training Videos


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The following topics can be found in the Video selection above:

WHO hand washing techniques

Hand washing video

Video on MRSA

WHO surgical procedure checklist

Video on poverty and impact on healthcare

Video on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Video on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) (2)

Environmental waste management and healthcare video

Integrated Water Resources and healthcare

World water day

Transportation and access to healthcare

‘WASH’ access to safe water

Water treatment and hygiene

Human Development Report 2010

Health Diplomacy and the Politics of Global Health

Global health diplomacy

Understanding Health purchasing

How to save money in healthcare

How health insurance works

Understanding deductibles and coinsurance

How to choose the right health insurance

Preferred Provider Organisations (PPO)

How do you budget for healthcare

Healthcare consumerism

Dental health

US history of healthcare

History of health insurance

Healthcare IT purchasing decisions

How companies can make better decisions

Real Time Health Information, Smarter Healthcare Systems

Smarter healthcare system

Power, poverty and global waste crises