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Terms of Use

You must use our website within the following terms and conditions. You can only proceed to access our website if you have read and understood our terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. Discontinue the use of our website if you disagree with any of these terms and conditions.

We will review and update these terms and conditions from time to time with market conditions and therefore would ask you to read our terms and conditions every time you access our website. Please do not reproduce or copy or print in part or in full, information on our web pages for business purposes without the express written permission of the management of SKD Productivity Center and Solu-Care Aide. The information on our website is regarded by us as copyright materials and should be treated as commercially sensitive.

Information on our website only provides general references and is not intended to be used as your only reference and guide for decision making. Please contact us directly if you require professional advice on any matter of business in which we may have expertise. We take no responsibility whatsoever for any errors or misinformation presented on our website.

While we have taken great pains to verify information on our website, to ensure that they are as accurate as possible, and represent to some extent management position, we recognise that hackers may break into our website and mislead the public. We take no responsibility for these actions.

SKD Productivity Center and Solu-care Aide enters no contractual agreement at this time, on our website. Please contact our management team (our agents or business representatives are not authorised to enter into any binding business agreements on behalf of our company) to discuss any formal business relationship of contractual nature.

Computer viruses
We accept no responsibility resulting from computer viruses in accessing our website. Please make sure that your install up to date computer software against computer viruses on your computer when downloading information from our website and when sending emails to us.

Confidentiality, Data protection and Privacy
We will only use personal information provided during the course of business transactions with us in a responsible way, and in line with the requirements of the UK and international law on confidentiality, data protection and privacy.

Jurisdiction of execution
These terms and conditions will be executed under UK law.