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At SKD Productivity Center, we believe that future generations have the same right to a better quality of life as we yearn for and the way we conduct our activities today could have negative impact on future generations.

By ensuring that the goods and services that we offer to our customers are environmentally friendly, and that we make social investments in target markets and communities in which we operate, we hope to continue to deliver on our sustainability promises.

Clearly, we take sustainability in environmental and social terms seriously.

On Environmental Sustainability, we are committed to our environmental policy and have established procedures and processes in place to ensure nature conservation by minimizing waste and by ensuring the cycle of recycling, and biodegradables.


On Social Responsibility, we are committed to creating a stimulating and all round rewarding work environment, investing in programmes to benefit young people, women and children; and in the environment in which we operate. We have in place policies that we are committed to implementing and a code of conduct and ethics for our management and staff to ensure statutory compliance and to return on investment to our shareholders in a way that is sustainable.

Safety at work

We desire to consistently achieve:

1. Design of products and services, and represent/market products and services on behalf of partners that believe in sustainability and whose products satisfy our customer without exploiting on tastes that impact the environment negatively
2. The use of biodegradable and recyclables in making and packing products in such a way that materials are not wasted – polluting the environment and increasing the cost price of products

Biodegradable plastics

We have integrated sustainability into our entire business strategic plan and value deliverables to stakeholders.