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Health Goods

Hygiene Products and Supplies

We have developed a partnership programme to work with Nigerian and international partners to offer to the market a range of valuable healthcare products.

We are happy to work with your organisation to promote personal hygiene and infection control in institutions such as:

Healthcare (care homes, clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centres, etc),
Public Services,
Hotels & Restaurants,
Airlines and other places.

Please contact us and we will have one of our consultants discuss your needs with you to advice on products and programmes that would bring your organisation real healthcare benefits, some of which would include:

Reduction in infection transmission rate
Improvement in wellbeing
Reduction in morbidity and mortality from preventable infections
Reduction in healthcare budgets
Reduction in loss of man-hours and dwindling staff productivity
Improvement in working conditions, staff moral and organisational performance

Our hygiene products are the result of continuous research by experts sourced from international reputable organisations to ensure effectiveness that satisfies our customers.

We have a training and consultancy team made up of a diverse mix of healthcare and hygiene experts that provide training and information to end users, and train the trainers. Please contact us today and we will work with you to identify your needs to design products and programmes that suit you most. Please take a look at some of the skin care hygiene products that we offer.

We are the principal partner of GOJO Industries Incorporated, in Nigeria, owners of Purell, GOJO and PROVON Brands. GOJO Industries is an American company with over 60 years experience in skin care and hygiene products and have significant market share in North America, the UK and in other countries. In the UK they are in the forefront of promoting hand hygiene in hospitals and are the major partners and supplier of skin care hygiene products to UK (National Health Service). GOJO is an international leader in quality skin care hygiene products. Nigeria is the first country in Africa in which GOJO Industries has partnered with SKD Productivity Center and Solu-Care Aide to market its registered products.

General Healthcare Consumables Supplies

We supply a range of healthcare consumables of high quality and suitable to the needs of patients and care providers. We offer value added services in providing training and consultancy with all of our products. Our desire is to identify your real needs to satisfy them while ensuring waste reduction, cost savings and that you get value for money. Please contact us today for your requests and a member of our team of experts will attend to you.

Here are some quality healthcare consumables that we supply:

Disinfectant wipes impregnated in alcohol
Treatment Couch Rolls
Disposable gloves
Ultrasound gels
Clinical Waste Bins
Sterile needles
Controlled drug recording books
Product Sheets
Absorbent Cotton Wool
Adhesive Tapes and Plasters
Gauze Products
Hospital Clothing and Protective Wear
Infusions and Drains
Masks, Tubes and Catheters
Protective Gloves
Surgical Instruments and Utensils
Incontinence Pads
Incontinence Pants
Adult Nappies
TEDS Compression stockings

Health Equipment Procurement and Management

We help organisations – public or private - procure health equipment. We offer technical and professional advice on suitable equipment, purchasing arrangements and financing, equipment management and maintenance as well as training on operations to ensure performance longevity and to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. We are able to negotiate on behalf of our customers, better terms with our direct manufacturing partners in Asia, Europe and America through our UK Office. Whether you are an end user or a contractor involved in equipment procurement, please contact us if you require our services and one of our experts will discuss your needs with you to offer support.

Some of the equipment in which we have manufacturing partners, include:

Automatic Adjustable Hospital beds
Operating table for theatre use
Examining couch
Dental chair
ECG machines
Micro-medical equipment (diagnostic sets, pulse oximeter, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, carbon monoxide meters, breathanalysers),
CT Scan
Fluoroscopy machine
Digital X-ray machine
Anaesthetic machines
Laboratory equipment (chemistry, haematology, etc)

We are also able to source for fairly used reconditioned equipment from the UK and Canada.

General Supplies

We are a Total Healthcare Solutions Company providing a range of services to customers. We supply healthcare goods in a professional way that ensures an effective and efficient value-chain. We offer training and consultancy support that enable our customers to get the most and the best out of supplies that they need.

We have the capacity to undertake large scale supplies of goods and services that can determine qualitative healthcare to ensure overall wellbeing of individuals and general population. Please contact us today.