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Frequently Asked Questions

Question MarkWhat does SKD Productivity Center do?

SKD Productivity Center is a UK based Total Healthcare Solutions Company. It undertakes the development and marketing of valuable healthcare goods and services with its international partners. It provides bespoke training and consultancy services to customers as lone services or as part of an integrated value-added service on goods that it supplies. It is also involved in simplified health information communication to the general population to promote wellbeing as part of strategic marketing communications. Its unique assets are its team of experts from diverse professional background with global experience and contacts.

What does Solu-Care Aide do?

It is a Nigerian trading company that specialises in the development and sales of healthcare goods and the delivery of services. Solu-Care Aide works in partnership with public, private and social sector organisations to promote wellness and wellbeing in Nigeria. It also works with international partner companies and development partners in the use of b
est practice to improve healthcare in Nigeria. It has significant level of local knowledge in Nigeria and a network of healthcare experts – from clinicians to support staff critical to efficient and effective health services management.

Which markets is SKD Productivity Center involved in?

SKD Productivity Center and its partner company Solu-Care Aide are mainly in the healthcare and wellbeing market but can participate in integrated projects with partners. Their main geographical markets are Nigeria and other West African countries (where they deliver services); and the US, UK, other countries in continental Europe, Canada and countries in Asia where SKD Productivity Center provides some services and sources goods and expertise.

Where does SKD Productivity Center have offices?

It has offices in the UK but works with its sister company in Nigeria with offices in Lagos and Abuja.

Does SKD Productivity Center work with distributors?

Yes. SKD Productivity Center and Solu-Care Aide work with distributors and channel intermediaries to get its products and services to customers.

Can I deal directly with SKD Productivity Center?

Please contact us today.